Have you recently received your pressure washer rental to get started with your exterior cleaning jobs?  Are you wondering how to properly and safely operate the equipment?  When it comes to taking good care of your pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you will want to take utmost care of the machine and follow all the instructions given to you.  Pressure washers have a large positive impact on your exterior surfaces, like your driveway, patio, fence, and deck, so that they can look brand new once again.  There are a few important safety tips that you will want to follow in order to properly operate your pressure washer rental.

Choose the Right Nozzle

Pressure washers actually have a few nozzles to choose from, depending on the type of surface you are cleaning.  When you are cleaning hard or nonporous surfaces, you can use a nozzle that offers a more powerful stream of water.  However, more delicate surfaces, like pavers or tiles, should be treated more delicately in order to prevent damage.

Rent the Right Size Machine

When you go to the company for your pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you will want to make sure that you get the right size machine for the job you intend to perform.  There are light, heavy, and professional duty machines that are intended for different purposes.  If you need to perform cleaning for your home, you will want to likely rent a light- or heavy-duty machine.  These are typically good for household tasks, like cleaning patios and fences, or even cleaning driveways and other hard surfaces.

Follow the Safety Precautions

When it comes to pressure washing, safety is extremely important.  Be sure that you are wearing closed toe shoes and keeping the pressure washer pointed away from your body.   Also, keep all children and pets away from the area that you are cleaning to avoid any accidents.  The jet stream coming from a pressure washer can be powerful, which can cause damage to nearby surfaces if you aren’t careful.

Protect Your Landscaping

Avoid spraying your pressure washer directly into any landscaping or near delicate shrubs.  This can actually cut throw branches of gentle plants, and it can completely destroy brittle flowers.  When you are using your pressure washer, keep it pointed directly at the surface you are cleaning to reduce any harm to nearby landscaping.

Understand the Attachments

When you go to rent your pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you will also want to be sure to rent the attachments that you will need to do the job.  There are many attachments that will make your job much more efficient.  For example, you may want to rent an expandable wand to give you more reach if you need to clean higher places.  We also offer rotary nozzles, pressure washing brooms, surface cleaners, and soap reservoir.  Ask our professionals for assistance so that you can leave with everything you need to do the job you need.

Avoid Spraying Windows

Even though there are special nozzles you can use for more delicate surfaces, you should avoid spraying your windows directly with your pressure washer.  Not only can this cause streaking and water spots, but it can also damage the glass if you are using the wrong nozzle.  Keep your pressure washer pointed away from your windows when you are doing your exterior cleaning on surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and brick.

Be Gentle When Cleaning Wood

When you are cleaning a wooden deck, you will want to be mindful that it will etch and peel.  Use the machine as gently and slowly as possible to avoid this from occurring, which can actually damage the wooden planks and cause eyesores for years to come.  When you chip the wood, even by accident, you will then leave you and your family susceptible to getting splinters.  After you pressure wash the wooden surfaces, take some time to seal the surface to make sure that it is really clean and smooth.

Keep Pets and Small Children Away

To reduce any safety risks, you will want to keep any pets and small children away from your pressure washer.  When they happen to cross your path, you may not be able to quickly turn off the pressure washer, which can leave them susceptible to injury.  Because the pressure washing machines are extremely powerful, they can actually do a lot of harm to your pets or your small children.  When you are cleaning your surfaces, hire a babysitter or keep them inside and away from you so they stay safe.

Read the Instruction Manual

Before you start to pressure wash your surfaces, take the time to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.  This will ensure that you don’t make any large mistakes or cause the machine to malfunction.  When you are using a rental, you will want to take the extra steps to ensure proper care of the machine to prevent any additional issues

Work in Small Sections

When you work in small sections, you are able to keep track of the areas that you’ve already cleaned.  This also removes any potential streaking that can easily occur when you are trying to clean too much at a time.  Start by sectioning off your surfaces and focusing only on one of the sections at a time.  This way, you can focus on cleaning each section really well.

These are a few tips you will want to follow to take care of your surfaces and your pressure washing rental when you are performing exterior cleaning jobs at your house.  If you are looking for a quality pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, contact United Pressure Systems to hear about our selection of equipment today.