iSolar 800

Counter-rotating disc brushes ensure

  • Excellent cleaning performance and area coverage
  • Optimal handling with balancing of transverse forces
  • Pre-rinsing of adjacent panels
Comfortable in every position

Stable articulated joint offers:

  • Convenient and flexible working positions
  • Robust brass design for maximum durability
iSolar 400

Entry-level model for smaller areas:

  • Particularly suitable for elevated systems
  • Pre-rinsing of adjacent panels
Safety first

For safe rooftop work:

  • Safety harness with quick-release fasteners
  • Guided fall arrestor with integrated shock absorber and lengthy guide rope



No place is unreachable.

The iSolar accessories system is a complete modular solution that offers all the pressure washers can usually be used to operate iSolar. Because the system is modular, we can build a custom solution to fulfill any requirement.

The iSolar 400 and iSolar 800 offer superior and safe cleaning, thanks to brushes powered by a pressure washer’s water jet. The mechanical action of the bristles, made of nylon for scratch-free surface cleaning, operate at low pressure, eliminating any danger of the panels being damaged. The rotating brushes are also fitted with robust ball bearings to guarantee exceptionally long service life.

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