Do you operate a business that has many exterior features?  Are your customers frequently exposed to your exterior in order to make your business successful?  Places like outdoor concert venues and drive thru restaurants rely on the exterior surfaces of their business in order to bring in customers and do their jobs.  This means that they need to pay extra attention to their exterior cleaning needs.  As commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles, we help many businesses like yours stay healthy, safe, and successful with routine care.  These are just a few of the types of business that need to be pressure washed on a routine schedule.

Outdoor Concert Venues

Concert venues that are outside provide people with a unique way to view their entertainment, as they often have a beautiful backdrop of nature or cityscapes.  However, they also require you to keep extra care of the facility by pressure washing.  To remove any issues, like contaminants, dirt, and grime, that can build up outdoors, you need to be routinely cleaning the features of your venue to stay safe.  Our commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles can come out and keep your facility clean after each large gathering or event.

Drive Thru Restaurants

Drive thru restaurants quickly become dirty on the exterior.  All the soot, pollution, and exhaust that comes from the vehicles that drive by the building all throughout the day cause issues that need to be tended to quickly.  Without frequently cleaning these buildings, you will likely turn customers off to coming through and giving you their business.  Because this is a food establishment, the last thing you want to do is to give their stomachs a reason to turn before they eat here.

Outdoor Dining Areas or Picnic Areas

Los Angeles is home to many outdoor dining areas and picnic spaces in public parks.  When you have a dirty area to eat, people will be turned off from choosing your location for their next dining experience.  In fact, people will be looking for a clean, attractive, and enjoyable place to enjoy their meal.  By cleaning your dining area on a weekly basis, you avoid any dirt or grime build up that can occur in outdoor spaces.  Pressure washing is one of the best ways to keep these spaces clean with one simple job.  It removes any tough stains, cleans your exterior furniture, and keeps the space germ-free for your patrons to enjoy their next meal.

Gas Stations

Like drive thrus, gas stations see much traffic throughout the day.  Heavy traffic means heavy exposure to exhaust fumes, soot, and other remnants that may leak from cars as they idle next to the gas pumps.  This does not even consider the gasoline itself.  Because of the exposure to many fluids and car pollutants, these facilities need to be kept in optimal condition with frequent pressure washing done by professionals.

Schools, Daycares, and Playgrounds

It is no secret that daycares and schools are places that carry many germs.  But many people forget about their exterior play structures.  When you operate or manage a facility, like a school or daycare center, you will want to routinely clean and sanitize your playgrounds to keep everyone safe and healthy when they are playing.  Our commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles are trained to keep everyone healthy in all play structures, even those that have difficult to reach spaces.

Bus Stops or Subway Stations

Subway stations and bus stops are easy to neglect when it comes to cleaning practices.  Because they are isolated places throughout a busy city, they need to be tended to frequently.  These areas see many people and include many high touch surfaces that need to be sanitized and pressure washed to avoid larger issues.

Roadside Hotels

Do you own or manage a roadside hotel or motel?  Because these businesses are often booming with traffic that comes in an out each day, their exterior surfaces need some extra cleaning attention.  Pressure washing the entrances, car ports, parking lots, landscaping, outdoor courtyards, and other exterior features should be done on a routine basis.  When you put the effort in keeping your exterior surfaces clean at your hotel or motel, people will be more likely to stop and give you their business.  Hotels that have an attractive and clean exterior look safer and more comfortable for those who are looking for a good place to rest their head for a few hours.

Sport Venues

Attending a sporting event is a unique and exciting way to spend the day when you are sports fan.  However, these events are not cheap, and for that reason, the venues need to spend some extra time ensuring that everyone has a great experience.  From cleaning each chair to keeping the walkways clean and clutter-free, you need to have a regimented pressure washing schedule for your sport venue.

Parking Lots

Many businesses have professional cleaning companies cleaning the inside of their office or building, but what about the exterior?  When you pressure wash your parking lot, you remove any litter, contaminants, dirt, or other hazards that can cause eyesores to your entire business.  This also increases the safety of your lot, which is beneficial in reducing any liabilities from any accidents that may occur on your property.  Every business can benefit from a clean and attractive parking lot.

These are just a few of the many types of business in Los Angeles that should have a regimented pressure washing schedule in order to keep their customers satisfied and their facilities cleaned.  When you are looking for quality commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles for your needs, you want to trust United Pressure Systems.  Contact us to hear more about our pressure washing services and rentals today.