Are you wondering how to clean the exterior surfaces around your LA home?  From your siding and brick to your pool deck or outdoor patio, there are many places that need to be thoroughly cleaned.  To keep these surfaces in optimal shape and allow them to withstand a long period of time, you will want to get a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles and clean these properly on a routine basis.  By treating these materials the right way, you can also improve the curb appeal of your home and save money on replacements in the long run.  These are some of the surfaces that you have in your backyard that will need to be routinely pressure washed.

Pool Deck

Having a pool requires you to undertake a lot of extra work and responsibilities.  This also includes cleaning and managing the overall appearance of your pool.  By keeping your pool deck clean, you also improve the safety of those that will be walking near the pool.  Pressure washing can eliminate dirt, tough stains, and other eyesores that may cause damage to your pool if they find their way into the water.


If you have a deck or patio, you should also pressure wash these materials to keep them in great shape over time.  Concrete, brick pavers, and wooden structures can be pressure washed to prevent the buildup of dirt and other contaminants on the surface.  These materials should also be thoroughly cleaned before they need to be stained or painted to provide them with a clear work surface.


Homeowners that clean their own gutters can use a pressure washer to do so.  When you invest in a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you can make the gutter cleaning job an easy one to accomplish.  By using the right nozzle and applying the right angle to your gutters, you can remove any debris, branches, dirt, and pollutants from your gutters.  Gutter cleaning is an extremely important job that helps to keep your home functioning properly.   When your gutters are clogged, water can pool on your roof, seep into your foundation, or leave water marks on your bricks and siding.


If you have a fence, you will also need to do some basic maintenance and care to keep it in great shape.  When you have a wooden or vinyl fence, you can easily pressure wash this surface to make it look brand new once again.  Pressure washing will also remove and mold or mildew issues that could end up damaging the interior structure of your fence posts and railings.  To prepare any wooden fences for re-staining or painting, you should pressure wash beforehand to allow all the paint to smoothly apply to the clean surface.

Patio or Covered Porch

When you have a patio or covered porch, you will want to get a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles to keep up with the maintenance of the surface.  This patio can be susceptible to wear and tear from spills, dirt, grime, and hard water.  Over time, these issues can leave eyesores and stains that can become more stubborn to remove.  By pressure washing this surface on a routine basis, your patio will continue to look brand new despite the time that passes.  Even if your patio is underneath a covered porch, you still want to tend to its cleaning each year.


If you have sidewalks or stepping stones throughout the garden in your backyard, you also want to keep these surfaces looking attractive and clean.  Pressure washing can remove any eyesores, dirt, and stains from your sidewalks so that you have no tripping hazards and the surfaces themselves look polished and clean.  When you neglect care for your sidewalks, they may begin to develop cracking, holes, stains, or other issues that may take away from their overall appearance.  Because sidewalks can be expensive to repave, you will want to stay on top of the maintenance and cleaning jobs for these elements of your yard.

Landscaping Edging

Those homes with a hardscaping around their landscaping edges should also pressure wash these surfaces to keep them in great shape.  This will also keep the landscaping clear of any clutter, debris, or dirt.  Keep your landscaping clean all year round by making sure that you keep up with the maintenance of these areas.


Do you have a driveway that goes into your backyard?  Do you often park your car in your driveway?  When you have a driveway that you use on a daily basis, you will also need to perform some maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible.   Concrete and asphalt need to be pressure washed so that the chemicals, dirt, grime, and contaminants can be fully removed from the surface.  If these elements are left on top of the surface, they may eventually start to erode the quality of your pavement and leave eyesores, potholes, or cracks.  These issues can lead to an expensive repair or replacement of your entire driveway.


A shed is great for storing outdoor materials and belongings, especially those that are required for landscaping and yard work.  However, you will still want to take care to keep the surface of your shed clean all year long.  Pressure washers are great for removing any issues, like mold or mildew, which may grow on these exterior structures.

These are a few of the surfaces that will need to be pressure washed in order to stay in optimal shape over the lifespan of your homeownership.  By taking care of your home and getting a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you can keep up with the property and ensure that your home looks great.  Contact United Pressure Systems to hear more about our pressure washers and services today.