Pressure washing can dramatically enhance the exterior surfaces of any building, property, business, or home.  This popular cleaning technique uses pressurized water to target tough stains, dirt, contaminants, and other debris on hardscapes and exterior surfaces.   Even though pressure washers work efficiently to remove these tough spots, they also require regular maintenance to work optimally.  As a company that works in pressure washer repair in Los Angeles, we understand the ins and outs of these machines and how to keep them working efficiently.  Here are some pressure washer maintenance tips from our professionals.


Proper engine maintenance is essential in preventing extreme damage that can actually lead to malfunction or even destruction of the pressure washer equipment.  Before you use your pressure washer, take the time to read the owner’s manual to learn about the maintenance requirements for the engine.  This can include information like capacity, viscosity, and type.  Ideally, you should oil your engine after every eight hours of pressure washer usage.  

Air Filters

Take the time to check your air filters before each use.  If you notice any dirt or buildup, replace the filter with a new one.  A clean air filter is important for proper cleaning, as the pressure washer can become clogged and much less efficient.  If you are cleaning a particularly dusty atmosphere, you may need to check your air filters throughout the course of the job.  


One of the most basic maintenance tasks for pressure washer owners is to have fuel on hand.  When you keep extra fuel on hand, you will be able to fill your washer anytime you have an empty tank.  Typically, pressure washers will use regular unleaded gasoline to operate, and you want to make sure this is clean fuel.  If your fuel has been sitting out for a long period of time, you may want to discard it and go to the gas station to get fresh fuel.  Also, be sure to never mix gasoline with oil for your engine.


Proper pump maintenance and care is also essential to making sure that your pressure washer stays in optimal shape.  When you are operating your pressure washer, be sure to always have a steady stream of water so that the pump doesn’t exhaust itself.  Always keep the oil inside the pump well-oiled with fresh and clean oil.  Contaminated and dirty oil can cause the pump to become clogged, damaged, or eroded.  Never exceed the pressure that the pump can handle, as this will result in destruction of the pump, which can be a costly repair.

These are some of the parts of pressure washers that will likely need routine maintenance in order to keep the machine in optimal condition.  When you struggle to maintain your own pressure washer, contact us for pressure washer repair in Los Angeles to schedule you appointment with our professionals today.