Are you about to start pressure washing the outside of your residence or commercial building?   Do you want to remove some eyesores and stains to boost your curb appeal?  Pressure washing is one of the quickest and best ways to keep your building and outside surfaces clean and attractive over the years.  As a company that offers quality pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, we also provide many DIYers with the right tips to do their job.  These are a few necessary steps that you should follow to prepare your building for pressure washing.

Wear the Right Clothes

Preparing yourself with the right clothing and gear is essential in protecting your eyes, skin, and body from the potential dangers of a pressure washer.  Pressure washers release water at such a high rate that it can cut through skin.  Because of this, you should wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for the job.  Always wear protective eye goggles in case water shoots up at your face.

Study the Surface

Take a closer look at the surface that you are preparing to clean.  Do you notice any cracks or holes in the pavement, bricks, or wood?  If so, you will need to patch or repair these issues before you begin to pressure wash.  When water seeps into these areas, it can cause rotting and deterioration on the inside, which can cause weakening of the structure.

Test a Small Area

Once you first start, you should test a small area that is out of the way or hidden.  By doing this first, you can practice the right amount of pressure, distance, and technique that you need to apply when you pressure wash.  If you realize that you have the wrong nozzle, it will be good to know that when you are doing the test strip in a hidden area instead of when you did the most noticeable part of the surface first.

Use the Right Cleansers

Take the time to research the right detergents or cleansers to use on your surface.  Wood, concrete, brick, vinyl, and other surface materials will require specific detergents to preserve and protect the surface material.  By doing your research, you avoid causing any damage to the material that can end up with eyesores or stains.

Rinse with Water First

Before you apply any detergents, you should always prerinse the surface with only water.  This will coat the area and prepare it for the cleaning process that will follow.  It will also ensure that the detergent will not be too concentrated for one area, which can result in staining.

These are a few steps to prepare your building and your surface for a safe and proper pressure washing job.  When you are looking to clean your surfaces by using the best equipment, you will want to trust us for your pressure washer rental in Los Angeles.  Contact United Pressure Systems to hear about our quality equipment to get your building cleaned today.