Do you own a wooden or vinyl fence around your property?  These fences remain in optimal shape when they are treated correctly, properly maintained, and routinely cleaned.  Wooden fences require regular painting and staining in order to remain in the best shape, and vinyl fencing may show all blemishes without proper cleaning practices.  As commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles, we offer our exterior cleaning services to maintain a wide variety of materials, including fences.  There are a few great reasons why you should consider pressure washing your fence this year.

Prolongs Lifespan of Materials

Pressure washing can remove tough stains and remove dirt from your fence.  If you let these issues persist over time, they can lead to rotting wood and promote insect infestations.  When these problems begin, they can be difficult to eradicate without removing and replacing each post.  To protect your fence from needing early replacements, you want to pressure wash these materials on a regular basis.

Removes Eyesores

Are you tired of looking at stains or spots on your fence?  When you have a white vinyl fence, it can become dirty quickly.  When you don’t stain your wooden fence regularly, it can become old and worn-looking.  Pressure washing can remove all of these eyesores and make your fence appear to be brand new once again.

Prepares for Staining or Painting

If you have a wooden fence, you will want to protect the materials by staining the wood on a routine basis.  Before you stain the wood, you will need to prepare it properly.  One important part of the preparation process is pressure washing your fence.  This will remove any buildup of dirt, debris, or contaminants that can prevent a smooth stain from sticking to your fence.  Be sure to pressure wash your fence each time you need to paint or stain the wood.

Improves Curb Appeal

Are you looking to make small improvements to your curb appeal?  Sometimes enhancing your curb appeal doesn’t mean buying new features for your yard.  In fact, improving the current structures with some pressure washing services is a great way to make your home feel brand new without breaking the budget.  You will remove tough stains, prepare for painting projects, keep dirt away from structures, and enhance the overall appearance of your fence.

Prevents Infestations or Damage

When you clean your fence regularly, you stop any buildup of debris and contaminants.  These contaminants may attract insects and bugs that can burrow into the fence, causing rotting or infestations.  Once insects infest your fence, they will create structural damage that can become irreparable.  Pressure wash your fence regularly to prevent these pests from finding a home inside your fence.

These are some of the benefits of pressure washing your fence on a routine basis.  When you have a fence that is constructed from wood or vinyl, pressure washing can greatly enhance its appearance, which will make your entire yard feel like new.  Contact us to hear about our commercial pressure washing in Los Angeles today.