Do you plan to enhance the exterior of your home with pressure washing services?  Are you wondering whether it is safe to pressure wash certain aspects of your home?  From brick to concrete to asphalt, there are many common materials that can be pressured washed in order to prepare them for painting, improve their appearance, or even just care for them in general.  However, certain materials will want to be avoided to prevent damage and destruction.  As commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles, we understand how to properly maintain and manage many types of exterior surfaces.  Here are the surfaces that can be pressure washed safely.


Concrete is one of the most popular surfaces that can be pressure washed.  Driveways, patios, porches, and walkways are always being cleaned with high pressure from a pressure washer to remove dirt build up, stains, and other contaminants.  Pressure washer can actually leave a concrete surface looking like brand new once again.

Composite Decking

With the rise of composite deck boards, many people have been wondering whether they require special treatment during cleaning.  However, most composite decking can be pressure washed with a lower pressure.  This will allow for proper cleaning, which will remove any dirt, debris, and contaminants that can stain the composite.  Although these surfaces are recommended to be rinsed with the jet-stream hose nozzle, you can still pressure wash them using low pressure for quick results.

Aluminum or Vinyl Siding

Another popular surface for homeowners and business owners to clean is their siding.  Aluminum and vinyl siding can both be cleaned using a pressure washer.  When working with aluminum, be careful not to use a high pressure setting, because even though it is heavy duty, it can still be bent or peeled off with high pressure.  These dents can be costly and difficult to repair.  Vinyl, however, can be cleaned much faster using a pressure washer than by hand.  You just want to avoid cleaning at strange angles, as this can cause water to leak into the home.  Trust the commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles to take care of this safely and properly for you.


Although stucco is a softer construction material, it can still be cleaned using a pressure washer.  Typically, professionals are the best for these types of jobs, as they will use a special soft-wash that will keep the stucco in optimal condition while it is being cleaned.  Light pressure is recommended for cleaning your stucco.


Cleaning brick is actually recommended to prevent infestations, mold, and algae from growing in the grout.  Because it is a porous material, it will need to be treated with a low pressure soft-wash that will remove these issues before they become a problem.  We recommend cleaning your brick on a routine basis in order to prevent larger issues from developing.

Outdoor Furniture

Typically, you can clean your patio furniture with a pressure washer, but only when you are using a low pressure setting.  High pressure can peel paint off any furniture or potentially damage the materials.  Low pressure is great for removing stains, contaminants, and dirt build up that can occur over time.


You can also properly clean your pavers with your pressure washer machine.  When you clean your pavers, it is recommended to use a low pressure setting to avoid too much sand coming loose in the process.  However, if you have major eyesores or stains on your pavers, you can use a higher pressure, as it is affordable to replace the sand in between your pavers.  It is a compromise that is worthwhile to increase the appearance of your exterior.

Wooden Decks and Fences

Many people are also concerned with their wooden exterior surfaces, especially decks and fences.  Wood can be pressure washed using the right amount of pressure.  Pressure treated wood, which is most frequently used in construction projects, will require a bit more pressure than when you clean siding.  When pressure washing your wooden fences and decks, you will likely notice a large difference before and after because wood will soak up all of its contaminants.  It is advised to pressure wash your wood before you paint or prime it in order to properly prepare the surface.  Our commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles will take care of this for you.

Don’t Wash — Glass, Gutters, Cars, or Roofs

Many people have different perspectives on what they should and shouldn’t pressure wash.  However, it is important to avoid using a high pressure washer on glass, gutters, cars, and roofs.  Glass can be easily broken using the wrong angle or a high pressure.  Gutters can be destroyed using a pressure washer, even though it may seem tempting to clear your gutters with these quick cleaning machines.  The wrong angle can cause cuts in the gutter, which can cause leaks and other large water issues.  Many roofing materials are too sensitive to be washed properly using a pressure washer, so you will want to avoid this.  Also, it is easy to chip paint or cause dents in your car when you wash it with a pressure washer.  Instead, swap out your pressure washer for a regular hose for these jobs to avoid any damage or safety hazards.  When you are in doubt of whether or not you can properly pressure wash a particular surface, trust the experts and commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles for the job.

These are some of the most common surfaces that can be pressure washed safely.  If you find yourself confused and wondering whether you are treating your exterior features properly, you’ll want the help of commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles to take care of your cleaning needs.  Contact us to hear how we can help your business or property today.