In 1926, Frank Woldert II accidentally invented the first pressure washer. He was working in a garage when he needed to get grease and grime off his garage floor. Since he was a maker of gas-fired hot water heaters by trade, he used steam to force hot water through a hose. He realized that the grease and grime cut lose better than ever before. His invention, however, remained largely unrecognized. It was not until Alfred Kärcher invented the first high-pressure washer in 1950 that they became a popular tool. Today, businesses and homeowners can find a variety of types of pressure washers. 

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Most hot water pressure washers can reach temperatures over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so they clean more efficiently. Their efficiency is particularly true if you are trying to remove oils and grease from a surface. The hot temperature also helps to clean with fewer chemicals, which can be an added advantage in many situations. The hot water usually kills mold, mildew, and germs at a higher efficiency rate. Since the water is almost ready to boil when it comes out of a hot water pressure washer, it evaporates much more quickly. While these units are effective in many different situations, they are especially useful when you must kill germs. Hot water pressure washers are also a great choice in the automotive industry because of the amount of grease and oil that workers need to wash off quickly.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold-water pressure washers are the most popular choice by homeowners because the water seldom gets above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are much safer to use. These pressure washers are also a popular choice with many commercial entities for general purposes. There are two basic types of cold-water pressure washers. 

Gas-powered Cold-water Pressure Washers

Workers often use gas-powered cold-water pressure washers in outdoor applications where electricity is not readily available. They produce gas fumes, so they should not be used in a closed environment. They are also louder than electric-powered cold-water pressure washers. 

Electric-powered Cold-water Pressure Washers

Before you rent an electric-powered cold-water pressure washer, you need to make sure that your home or business is set up to handle the voltage. You also need to be sure that your electrical system can manage the extra pull. Most of these units run on 120-volt electricity. Since they usually have a smaller motor offering fewer RPMs, they are particularly useful when cleaning surfaces that can be easily damaged. Therefore, they make a great choice when you are cleaning vehicles, windows, and painted surfaces.

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