When your business depends on the performance of your pressure washer, you want to make sure that your pressure washer is running smoothly and efficiently.  This requires routine maintenance and awareness to necessary repairs.  You want to keep it repaired and serviced so that your business can provide the quality service you offer.  As a company specializing in pressure washer repair in Los Angeles, we recommend that you look for these few signs that show your pressure washer needs to be repaired.

Leaks Water

If your pressure washer is leaking water when you it is running, you could have a faulty seal.  You could also have a broken or worn out pump.  Both of these issues will need resolved with the help of a pressure washer repair service.

Low or No Pressure

When your pressure washer has low or no water pressure, it will need to be checked for any blockages.  This issue can be caused by an issue with the unloader valve, nozzles, or hose.  Because a pressure washer with low to no pressure has many causes, it is best to call a repair service to troubleshoot the machine.

Can’t Shut Off Pressure

Pressure washers that are having difficulty shutting off the pressure might have a faulty trigger wand or unloader valve.  The trigger wand could either be worn out or plugged up by something.  If your pressure washer is gradually losing pressure, this could indicate that debris is blocking the nozzle from functioning correctly.

Won’t Start

When your pressure washer won’t start, you obviously have an issue.  There are a few things that could be wrong with it.  You could have a defective ignition coil, a clogged carburetor, or a damaged or worn spark plug.  Our experts will know how to troubleshoot this issue to determine the cause, and we will quickly work to fix the issue.

Starts Then Stalls

If your pressure washer is starting but then stalling soon after, it likely needs to be serviced.  This could indicate that your fuel cap vent is clogged and not releasing the air it needs to properly function.  This could also show that your carburetor is clogged, perhaps because fuel has been left in the washer too long.

When you notice one of the above issues in your pressure washer, you want to be sure to get it repaired as soon as possible.  Keeping your pressure washer repaired will help make your day at work run smoothly and efficiently.  As a pressure washer repair in Los Angeles, we can help.  Contact us today to get quality pressure washing repair services.