Pressure washing concrete and other exterior surfaces can transform an outdoor space and create great curb appeal.  However, many people do not consider the hazards of pressure washing.  At United Pressure Systems, we have seen or heard about pressure washing related injuries that could have easily been avoided.  Many commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles seek the help of our trained staff in order to find the products that best fit their job.  When they are looking for the best and safest equipment, they come to us.  When getting the job done, you want to make sure you are doing it right, but also safely.  There are a few safety tips to follow when you are pressure washing.  

Follow the Instructions

Wen operating any type of machinery, it is important to read and understand the instruction manual.  This will educate you on any operating procedures, warnings, or safety precautions to take when using the pressure washer.  Knowing how to properly control the functions of your pressure washer will also allow you to choose the correct pressure and nozzle for the job you are performing.  When using your pressure washer, be sure to keep it on a flat surface to avoid any tipping.

Clear Away Any Hazards

Before you begin pressure washing, notice your surroundings and clear away any hazards.  Be sure that no children or pets are nearby, and make sure to tell anyone nearby to remain at a distance while you work.  Remove any obstructions or potential tripping hazards.  If possible, you might want to tell someone to keep an eye on you and also keep watch on your boundaries to make sure no one comes in to your work space.

Wear Proper Gear

Pressure washing requires you to wear special safety equipment.  It is advisable to wear safety goggles in order to protect your eyes from any flying debris.  Gloves will also help to keep your hands safe, while also improving your grip and preventing slips from the trigger.  Wearing closed-toed shoes will also work to keep your feet safe from being cut by the pressurized water stream.  If you have steel-toed boots, it is recommended to wear those because they are impenetrable.

Know It’s Not a Toy

When you are operating the pressure washer, make sure to keep it aimed at the exterior surface you are cleaning.  The pressure washing gun is not a toy, and it should be taken seriously as heavy equipment.  Do not point the gun at any people or pets.  This can result in serious injury.

Release Pressure When Done

When you turn off your pressure washer, you aren’t done quite yet.  Be sure to release any pressure by keeping the trigger squeezed for a short amount of time when you are ready to power down the machine.  This step is critical before you disconnect any nozzles or hoses.  Also, take caution when moving your pressure washing immediately after finishing a job, because the engine will likely be hot to touch.  Take time to ensure you properly stow your machine.

At United Pressure Systems, we assist commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles with all of their equipment and cleaning needs.  We educate all of our clients on the proper and safe methods to pressure washing in order to help them avoid injury.  Stop in today to find what you need to make your pressure washing experience a safe success.