Each year, in the United States, thousands of employees are injured or killed on the job. Unfortunately, some of those injuries and deaths occur at commercial car washes. Placing a priority on safety can reduce the number of injuries at your business. 

Prioritize Safety

Safety starts as a mindset before it can become operational. Make sure that employees know that you value the safety of your crew and your customers over your bottom dollar. Hold regular safety meetings, and create an incentive program for workers who are always working safely. Use proper lock-out procedures whenever machines or other equipment is down for repairs. Put up a bulletin board where you list essential safety information. 

Ensure Proper Training

Employees should not be working on equipment until someone has adequately trained them. Emphasize proper safety methods to turn on and off machines. Show the employee the material safety data sheet on any chemical that they will be using. Make it easy to ask a supervisor for help. Someone should take the time to go over the same material repeatedly than for someone to get hurt because they are using the wrong procedure. 

Prevent Slip-and-fall Injuries

Many surfaces in the car wash can become very slippery. Make sure that your employees always have proper footwear. It can be tough to come up with the money to buy suitable shoes and a work uniform when first getting started, Consider offering an employee program where you withhold a little of the employee’s salary every week in exchange for providing the proper shoes and clothing to new employees. 

Teach Safe Working Habits

You need to have the right equipment for employees to do their jobs properly, and they need to know how to use it. For example, if an employee is required to climb, provide ladders that are tall enough and mark the highest rung that they should stand on while performing duties. Likewise, repeatedly emphasis proper lifting procedures, involving using the leg muscles instead of the back. Your employees should also know how to turn when carrying a load. 

Keep Equipment in Great Condition

Since many areas of a car wash are wet, your equipment must be in great shape. Never allow employees to work with electrical equipment with wet hands or while standing on a damp floor. Use the proper cords to operate all equipment. You should never use an extension cord for over 90 days. 

Safety first keeps your business operating properly. One of the most important things that you can do is use high-quality hoses, floor cleaners, and other equipment. You can find auto detail supplies in Los Angeles at United Pressure Systems. Talk to the helpful sales crew to find the auto detail supplies in Los Angeles to keep your business operating smoothly.  With many years of experience, you can trust their knowledge.