Are you looking to rent a pressure washer for your business needs?  Do you want to enhance your business’s curb appeal by pressure washing its exterior and hardscape surfaces?  Renting a pressure washer is easy with United Pressure Systems.  Our commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles are powerful, convenient, and easy-to-use to create the best first impression for your business.  When you rent a pressure washer, you may also want to consider renting these few other products as well.


Depending on the type of job you are performing, you may also want to rent additional equipment to make it easier.  Scrubbers are great for certain jobs that require additional scrubbing to remove dirt and grime.  These are great for boats, cars, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor fixtures.  Often times, pressure washing scrubbers and brushes will rotate, making it much more effective with a lot less effort.


Even though pressure washers come equipped with a wand, you may want to consider an upgrade for your business cleaning project.  Steel wands, telescoping wands, longer wands, and adjustable wands are all available for rent.  Telescoping wands extend to allow you to reach higher places, such as second-story windows or gutters.  Also, you may have a job that requires different levels of pressure, and an adjustable wand would be great for this job.

Foaming Guns

Whenever you want to add soap or cleaning detergent to your pressure washer, you will want to rent a foaming gun.  These attach to the end of your wand and allow you to release soapy foam as you clean your surface.   Typically, you will want to add detergent to your job when you are cleaning surfaces like your boat or your car.  

Towing Equipment

Sometimes pressure washers will also require towing, which means that you will need the equipment that makes this possible.  Most companies will supply you with the towing equipment when you rent the commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles as a package deal.  Because of the bulky and heavy nature of these pressure washers, it is easier to tow them behind a truck to make your commercial job quicker and easier to perform.  

Water Tanks

Some jobs are done in remote locations or even in areas that do not have access to enough water.  This is made easier by renting a water tank for your job.  Hot water tanks are often available to make these jobs possible.  

When you rent commercial pressure washers in Los Angeles, you want to consider also renting other cleaning products and equipment that will make your job easier.  The experts at United Pressure Systems can assist you in choosing the best pressure washer equipment to make sure that your business has the most attractive curb appeal on the block.  Contact us to hear about our pressure washing rentals today.