Are you about to start pressure washing the exterior features of your California home?  Before you get started with your pressure washing job, you want to be sure how you can avoid pressure washer repair in Los Angeles and also any other damages or dangers that can occur on the job.  Because a pressure washer releases a strong jet stream of water, it can present dangers to both your property and your body.  Many people are unaware that it can cause more damage than good if not treated properly.  In order to avoid injury or damage, you want to follow these five tips to ensure safe pressure washing on your home.

Clean Small Work Areas at a Time

When you set out to pressure wash a particular area of your exterior space, whether it be your deck, patio, or fence, set aside small work areas at a time.  This will allow you to focus on making sure that particular area has been deep cleaned before moving on.  When pressure washing, it is important to fully clean one area before moving onto another area.  Otherwise, you could end up with streaks or missed spots.

Avoid Spraying Windows

Whenever you are pressure washing your siding or surfaces near your home, you want to be careful to avoid the windows.  Pressure washing windows requires a particular nozzle that is typically not used to also clean hardscapes.  The delicacy of a window can be compromised if you use a nozzle that releases too powerful of a stream of water.  Avoid this by covering windows when you are working near them.

Get Your Machine Repaired

Whenever your pressure washer is acting strangely, it may be time for a repair.  If your water stream is not strong, if your machine is making a funny noise, or if your machine doesn’t start at all, this could indicate an issue that requires maintenance.   Contact a trusted company for pressure washer repair in Los Angeles to fix this issue before it worsens.

Hold the Wand at an Angle

When you are pressure washing, you want to be sure to hold the gun at an angle towards the surface you are cleaning.  When you face it straight on, you will be susceptible to a lot of backsplash, which can actually harm you with such strength.  Avoid this by holding the gun at a slight angle when you are working on your surface.  This will make it both easier and safer to clean.

Choose the Right Nozzle

There are a few different nozzles for the pressure washer, and the nozzle you use will depend on the job you are performing.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the appropriate nozzle before you start cleaning.  If you choose powerful nozzles for gentle jobs, you could end up creating irreparable damage.  Each nozzle is distinguished with a different color, so be sure to read your instruction manual before you start the pressure washing job.

By following these tips, you can avoid any costly repairs, damages to your property, or injuries when you are pressure washing your home.  If you find yourself in need of a pressure washer repair in Los Angeles, you’ll want to trust the best.  Contact us to hear how we can help get your pressure washer back up and running in no time.