Have you been trying to clean the exterior of your home thoroughly?  This may have you digging for the pressure washer to clean your concrete driveway, siding, patio, garden sidewalks, and much more.  Many people use our pressure washer rental in Los Angeles to keep their homes and businesses in the best shape possible.  However, it be not be well-known that pressure washers can also clean many types of household tools and commonly used outdoor items.  When you are looking for a refresh or a deep clean for your belongings, a pressure washer can do a lot more than you think.  There are five items that you may be surprised you can clean using your pressure washer rental in Los Angeles.

Outdoor Equipment

Equipment that you use outdoors, such as lawnmowers, shovels, and wheelbarrows are meant to get dirty.  They are there for the tough and messy jobs in your yard.  However, when it comes time to put them away and store them for their next project, you’ll want to keep them clean by using your pressure washer.  This machine will keep them spotless even after the dirtiest of jobs.


Because they are hard metal materials, you can safely clean your bicycles by using a pressure washer.  Many people clean their bikes after they get muddy from trail biking or after significant wear-and-tear.  Pressure washing your bikes is a great way to make them feel fresh and new once again.

Garbage Cans

No one likes the appearance of dirty garbage cans that sit at your curb or next to your home.  You can easily get right of unsightly eyesores on your garbage cans by pressure washing them whenever they are clear of garbage bags.  By removing debris, dirt, and stains, you will also prevent any odors from building up on your garbage cans.

Outdoor Kids’ Toys

Many kids’ toys are made of quality plastic that can be cleaned using a pressure washer.  Items like playhouses, slides, baby pools, see saws, and swing sets can be easily cleaned by using a pressure washer.  You can also add soap or detergent to your pressure washer in order to give these toys extra sanitization between uses.  This is great for those who choose to purchase their toys secondhand.

Patio Furniture

It is common to place furniture outside to promote relaxation and comfort in your exterior spaces.  This furniture often lasts many years, and they are left outside to be exposed to the elements over this time.  In order to keep your outdoor furniture in the best shape, you should use a pressure washer with some soap to keep them clean over time.  This will keep your furniture looking like new for many years

These are five items that many people don’t realize they can clean using a pressure washer.  By getting a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you will be able to deep clean the entire exterior of your home and many of your outdoor supplies and materials as well.  This is a great way to refresh your home over the weekend.  Contact us to hear about our pressure washer rentals and get yours today.