Are you updating the exterior features of your home this summer?  Have you been interested in quick cleaning upgrades to your California fence, deck, or patio?  With our pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, you can easily update and prolong the life of your exterior features around your home.  From removing stains to preparing the surface for a new coat of paint, pressure washing your surfaces has many benefits.  When you perform particular jobs, you may need more than just a pressure washer.  There are a few pressure washer attachments you may need to rent this summer to update your home.

Turbo Nozzle

This attachment, which can also be called a rotary nozzle, is great for removing those tough stains.  Whenever you are pressure washing an old exterior surface or preparing a surface for painting, this is a nozzle you may want to use.  This nozzle produces a spinning water stream that has the power to remove dirt buildup and tough stains on many different surfaces.

Expandable Wand

Pressure washers typically come with the standard-sized wand, which makes many jobs possible.  However, when you need to reach a high spot or a tough-to-reach spot, an expandable wand can come in handy.  If you are working on a ladder to reach high places or you are trying to clean in cracks or holes, this attachment could be exactly what you are looking for to get the job done.


If you are cleaning a larger surface area, a broom may be the best attachment the job.  This pressure washing broom allows the water stream to be released through the bristles of a broom in three-to-four spots.  This provides you with easier scrubbing abilities all while covering more ground faster.  Also, if you plan to use soap or detergent, a scrubber or broom will also help you reach those tough spots.

Soap or Detergent Holder

When you also want to add cleaners, detergents, and soaps into your pressure washing job, you will want to attach the soap reservoir to your machine.  This will also allow soap to be distributed as you are releasing the water stream from the wand.  This is great for certain jobs, like washing cars, windows, and siding.  

Water Spinner

Many pressure washers come with a wand that releases water as a single, strong stream.  However, some attachments allow you to have a spinning stream.  This is great for larger surface areas, like driveways or spacious patios.  The spinning stream allows you to cover more ground and also clean quicker with the revolving water stream.

These are just a few of the most common pressure washer attachments that can be used when you perform particular jobs outside your home.  If you are cleaning your deck for a new coat of paint or pressure washing your driveway to remove tough stains, a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles is what you need.  Contact us to hear about our quality rental services today.