When you invest in a pressure washer, you are typically looking to enhance the appearance of the exterior of your home or business.  Pressure washers help to add curb appeal by deep cleaning exterior surfaces and features.  As a pressure washer rental in Los Angeles, we help our customers achieve the outdoor look they are hoping for by giving them the best pressure washing rentals and cleaners.  There are eight major uses for a pressure washer that will help to make your business or home more attractive.


If you have a fence outlining your property, you want to keep it clean and safe from the elements by pressure washing it regularly.  This should occur at least every other year.  By pressure washing your fence, you will help prepare it for staining, avoid mold or mildew growth, and also keep it attractive. 

Exterior Siding or Brick

Even though this may be difficult to reach, exterior siding and brick can be pressure washed in order to maintain its beauty.  Mold, mildew, dirt, grime, and dust can accumulate on the side of homes and create eyesores to neighbors and passersby.  Grab a ladder and pressure wash your siding to easily enhance your home’s curb appeal.


A popular exterior surface that many people clean on a routine basis is their driveway.  Because driveways are exposed to many different chemicals from cars, gasoline spills, dirt, dust, debris, and other issues, it requires a regular pressure washing cleaning in order to keep it in optimal shape.  A pressure washed driveway is a great way to quickly improve the exterior of your home.

Garage Doors

Over time, your garage door can grow mold or mildew spots that can create an eyesore on your home.  Pressure washing can help to remove those spots.  It can also remove any dirt, dust, debris, or spider webs that may have accumulated over time.  After you pressure wash your garage door, it will look shiny and new.

Concrete Patios

Similar to a driveway, a concrete patio can easily be enhanced by a pressure washer.  Concrete patios often incur much damage from traffic and daily life.  By pressure washing, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean the concrete and keep your patio looking like new.

Wood Decks

In order to prepare your wood deck for painting or staining, you’ll want to ensure that the wood is as clean as possible.  The best way to do this is to pressure wash prior to painting.  This will help restore the integrity of the wood by thoroughly cleaning it and stripping it of any debris, dirt, or grime.

Exterior Walkways or Stairs

Pressure washing your exterior walkways and stairs will help to enhance the appearance of your home.  This will also keep debris clear from areas that are highly trafficked.  Pressure washing will keep walkways in businesses safe for customers to walk, which will decrease tripping or falling risks.

Outdoor Gear

Pressure washers have many different nozzles and water pressure options, which allows you to clean a variety of outdoor equipment.  Many people clean their lawn mowers, boats, and trailers by using a pressure washer.  They also may clean some of their outdoor gear, like bicycles, motorcycles, and dirt bikes using a lower pressure setting in order to keep their belongings seem like brand new.

These are just eight of the main uses for a pressure washer.  In order to achieve a beautiful and appealing exterior, you want to invest in a quality pressure washer, or you could rent one with our premiere pressure washer rental in Los Angeles.  Contact us today to book a rental.