Karcher B 35/12 C BP

The race is always won in the corners.

Perfect means simple and clean
  • Changing and cleaning the squeegee blade is easy
You are in control
  • Adjust the down pressure with the turn of a knob
  • Brush speed is automatically increased with down pressure adjustments
Taking efficiency to the next level
  • Eco!efficiency mode utilizes energy and resources more efficiently
  • Extend run times by 50%, and reducing noise by approximately 40%.
Brush replacement made easy
  • No tool brush replacement
  • Easily change to the appropriate brush stiffness for the job
Color coded operator controls
  • Yellow signifies daily operation controls
  • Light gray highlights service areas
Quick disposal
  • No tool brush replacement
  • Dirty water tank easily detaches for quick disposal of dirty solution


Technical Information


Thanks to our innovative steerable scrub deck, the BR 35/12 C Bp can clean up to the wall at a 90° angle. It can also clean in reverse, or in any direction. The height-adjustable, telescoping steering column allows optimal ergonomics for any operator. The folding steering column also makes it easy to secure for transport.

      • Steerable scrub deck allows for scrubbing in any direction
      • Brush height is adjustable for multiple floor types
      • Eco!efficiency mode increases operating time by 50%, and reduces noise by 40%

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